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Welcome to the English citydev.brussels homepage!

You’ve probably noticed our full website is only available in Dutch and in French, but here’s a short English overview of who we are and what we can offer you. 

Enjoy the read and your visit to our website! If you’d like some more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

citydev.brussels is a public service institution that has been active since 1974. citydev.brussels is the new name we adopted in 2013. Before that, citydev.brussels was called the Brussels Regional Development Agency (BRDA). Our assignment is to attract high-added-value companies and middle-income households to the Brussels-Capital Region and to keep them there. That way, they and we contribute to the Region's economic and urbanistic development.

And now in plain English?

If you have a company and you would like to set up shop in the Brussels-Capital Region, citydev.brussels offers quality premises at interesting conditions and attractive prices. Whatever the size of your company, we have a wide range of buildings on offer for companies at every stage of their development. Companies setting up on citydev.brussels’s economic activity sites must meet certain establishment criteria which aim to boost economic development and job creation in Brussels.

citydev.brussels also caters to private individuals looking for a home in the Brussels-Capital Region. Partnering up with the private sector, we build new owner-occupied homes. Our homes are subsidized for 30% by the Brussels-Capital Region, which lets us sell them at a discounted price. Our residential developments, which are chiefly built in neighbourhoods with a prevalent housing shortage, are meant for middle-income citizens who meet certain criteria

Building the city of tomorrow, today!

At citydev.brussels, we’re aware that we need to factor in tomorrow's challenges today. That’s why all our new developments take into account sustainable development and quality of living—as from 2009 all our homes are passive or zero-energy and we set great store by green spaces, biodiversity, soft mobility, conviviality and a harmonious social mix and mixed use.